Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona

Lease Administration

Site Developer:
General Motors

EUL Project Manager:
Douglas McWilliams, Telephone: 410-962-0707;   Email:Douglas.Mcwilliams@usace.army.mil

The Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) area is located adjacent to US 95 25 miles north of the City of Yuma, in proximity to the Army’s vehicle test facilities. The area consists of approximately 2,400 acres of level land in the range buffer zone. The EUL area has been fenced by the developer to ensure security requirements of both industry and government are met.

Yuma Proving Ground competitively selected General Motors as the private developer to lease the parcel of land to develop a desert proving ground testing facility for all classes of vehicles. General Motors operates and maintains the facilities and has provided in-kind consideration to the Army equal to the fair market value of the leased assets. To these ends, Yuma Proving Ground sees this private sector opportunity as compatible with the Yuma Proving Ground mission and as an extension of Yuma Proving Ground’s business objectives.

Yuma Proving Ground is situated in the southwest portion of Arizona, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. The area has the longest, hottest summer test season in the U.S. with 100 or more days of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees F. Yuma Proving Ground was established in 1952 as the Army’s Desert/Hot Weather Climatic test site. Today Yuma Proving Ground employs approximately 1,700 military and civilian personnel in specialized technical areas. The mission of Yuma Proving Ground’s workforce is to use advanced technology to carry out sophisticated tests of artillery, aircraft armament systems, air delivery systems, tank-automotive equipment, and much more.

Information Request:
To request detailed information regarding the above award, please send a request to the Enhanced Use Lease Team. In this request, please detail the type of information you are interested in obtaining. Some information may not be available for public dissemination and you may be required to submit a request for such under the Freedom of Information Act.



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