James Creek Boat Launch

James Creek is centrally located on the lake and offers nearby access to “Brumbaugh Cove”, “Garner’s Inlet” and is the closest boat launch to Nancy’s Boat to Shore Campground.  James Creek is arguably the launch of choice for fishing tournaments due to its central location.

Location: Western shoreline, second cove to the left beyond point marker J2
Directions:  From southbound Rt. 26 at Rt. 22, continue approximately 16 miles to the second blinking yellow light.  Turn left on Rt. 994 towards James Creek (marked by sign).  Continue another 1.4 miles and turn left onto James Creek Road (marked by sign).  The launch will be at the end of this road (2.4 mi.).

  • Open year-round, no winter maintenance
  • 124 trailer parking spaces at ramp
  • Triple Lane launch
  • Floating courtesy dock
  • Concrete pier
  • Vault Restroom (pit toilets)
  • Drinking water access

Parking space designations: Six (6) trailer-length spaces are designated for handicap parking only.  One (1) space is reserved for authorized vehicles only.  Single cars may park in trailer-length spaces.

Nancy’s Camp directions:  From James Creek, cruise along the right shoreline until you reach the main channel at mile marker 15 (about 1 mile).  Then continue along the right shoreline until you see the open grass area of Nancy’s Camp (about 1/2 mile).  Although James Creek is routinely patrolled, campers are reminded not to leave valuables and to secure vehicles left at the launch.

Safety First!

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Shuster Hall

  As you round the first point to the right of James Creek you might find yourself asking, “What is that building on top of the hill?”

   Except in very few places, Raystown is devoid of private developments because the Army Corps manages the land up to the ridge tops.  Shuster Hall is an important exception.

   As part of the Juniata College Field Station (under lease from the Corps), Shuster Hall and accompanying buildings provide immersion semesters to students, and host research & conservation work.  Shuster Hall is also certified as a LEED “green building” and is constructed of 35% recycled materials.

Shuster Hall has a 30% savings in energy and 60% improved water conservation rating.