Regulatory Sourcebook

Official source for permitting policies, guidelines, regulations and procedures of the Baltimore District Regulatory Branch.  

Regional Supplements

Regional Supplements to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual are part of a nationwide effort to address regional wetland characteristics and improve the accuracy and efficiency of wetland-delineation procedures. Regional differences in climate, geology, soils, hydrology, plant and animal communities, and other factors are important to the identification and functioning of wetlands. These supplements were developed by wetland delineation experts from state and Federal agencies and academia with experience within this area. Where differences in the two documents occur, the Regional Supplement takes precedence over the Corps Manual.

The Baltimore District is currently using or will in the near future implement three Regional Supplements:

1. Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Supplement

2. Eastern Mountains and Piedmont Supplement

3. Northcentral and Northeast Supplement