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STURGIS Update, June 9, 2015

Since the STURGIS arrived in Port last month, the team has been very busy at the Malin International Shipyard.  The project team has hired all local staff and the team has completed all required training.  Additionally, work is underway to provide for safe access to the STURGIS.  This includes establishment of site security and project site offices.  Environmental monitoring has been ongoing since her arrival in Port, as well. 

We provided a tour of the STURGIS to local and state representatives this morning and will continue to keep them informed about how we are progressing.  

Additionally, beginning this afternoon, we have begun our training with the local Galveston Emergency Response services, to include, Galveston County Fire Department, Galveston County Ambulance Authority, Galveston Police Department, Galveston County Sheriff’s Department, Port of Galveston Police Department, UTMB, and Customs and Border Protection. This training will continue for the next two days.

The team has worked with the Port of Galveston and the US Coast Guard with respect to hurricane planning.  We anticipate approval of our Hurricane Plan within the week.  The recent heavy rains in the Texas area have had minimal impact on our project site. 

 The site continues to develop the onsite infrastructure to support the full decommissioning efforts which we still anticipate to start in July. 

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The STURGIS, a former World War II Liberty Ship, was converted into the first floating nuclear power plant in the 1960s. Before being shutdown in 1976, the STURGIS’ nuclear reactor, MH-1A, was used to generate electricity for military and civilian use in the Panama Canal. It is important to note that the MH-1A reactor has no nuclear fuel or special nuclear material. The reactor was de-fueled, decontaminated for long-term storage, and sealed before being towed to the James River Reserve Fleet at Joint Base Langley Eustis, Virginia; where it was stored and maintained since 1978, except for times of periodic dry dock maintenance.

Historical videos can be found at the following YouTube links:

1) Army Nuclear Power Program: http://youtu.be/HPWDMHH4rY4 

2) STURGIS Dockside Testing Report: http://youtu.be/frtKSiZhP68

3) STURGIS Construction Report: http://youtu.be/i7t_AtWQazM

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