US Army Corps of Engineers
Baltimore District Website

Dredging in a nearby Baltimore District waterway.
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The public enjoys relaxation and fishing at one of the Baltimore District lakes.
Construction workers at USAMRIID.
Visitor to a recreation site shows her recent fishing catch.
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DLA headquarters building
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Baltimore District Quick Facts

• Employs 1,200 civilian and 15 active military personnel

• Maintains 290 miles of federal channels

• Oversees 148 miles of federal flood protection levees preventing approximately $16 billion in damages to date

• Manages 15 reservoir projects preventing approximately $4 billion in damages to date

• Runs 11 recreation projects that have hosted more than 15 million visitors

• Runs the Washington Aqueduct, which supplies an average of 150 million gallons of drinking water daily to the District of Columbia, and Arlington County and Falls Church, Va.

• Supports oversees contingency operations in Afghanistan, with more than 362 civilian employees having deployed

• Supports oyster habitat by constructing 500 acres of new Maryland oyster bars

• Protects environmentally sensitive coastline, through restoration of 1,140 acres of remote island

• Manages a $2.8 billion military program

• Successfully oversaw a $4.2 billion BRAC mission

• Works with non-DOD agencies, including Library of Congress, Department of Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, among others

• Leases and supports more than 300 Armed Forces recruiting stations and 180 housing units

• Supports the national response plan as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s team