General and Activity-Specific Permit Conditions for the MDSPGP-6

Please note that all permittees must comply with all of the General Conditions listed in the General Conditions enclosure. In addition, all permittees must comply with all Activity-Specific Conditions based on the permit Category (A or B) and type of activity (i.e. a(3) Piers, c(1) Utility Lines, etc.) that is identified in the permit verification letter. Please ensure that you comply with all General Conditions and all Activity-Specific Conditions that are applicable to your authorized project. General and Activity-Specific Conditions are listed below.

General Conditions:

General Conditions for all Activities authorized under the MDSPGP-6

Activity-Specific Conditions:

Boating and Navigation-Related Projects, Structures, and Activities

a (1) Channel and Harbor Navigation Aids

a (2) State Regulatory Markers

a (3) Piers

a (4) Marina/Community Piers Reconfiguration

a (5) Boat Ramp Construction, Repair, Expansion, and Replacement

a (6) Mooring Buoys

a (7) Structures in Fleeting and Anchorage Areas

a (8) Temporary Recreational Structures

a (9) Maintenance Dredging of Previously Authorized Dredged Areas in Tidal Waters

a (10) New Minor Dredging in Tidal Waters

Repair and Maintenance Activities

b (1) General Maintenance

b (2) Armoring Bridges, Causeways, and Culverts

b (3) Bulkhead Repair or Replacement, including Stone Toe Protection

b (4) Maintenance of Tidal Roadside Ditches

b (5) Maintenance of Mosquito Control Ditches

b (6) Culvert Pipe Grouting/Sealing and Joint Repairs

Underground and Overhead Utility Line Activities

c (1) Utility Lines

c (2) Foundations for Overhead Utility Line Towers, Poles, Anchors, and Minor Attendant Features for Subsurface Utility Lines

c (3) Utility Access Roads


Linear Transportation Activities

d) All Activities

Fill Activities

e (1) Minor Nontidal Fills

e (2) Agricultural Activities

e (3) Soil Investigations, Scientific Measurement Devices, and Survey Activities

e (4) Dry Fire Hydrants

e (5) Clearing Debris and Windfalls

e (7) Temporary Construction, Access, Stream Diversions, and Dewatering for Construction

e (8) Outfall Structures and Associated Intake Structures

e (9) Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Development Activities

e (10) New Stormwater Management Facilities

e (11) Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Enhancement, and Establishment Activities associated with Compensatory Mitigation Requirements for Aquatic Resource Impacts Authorized under the MDSPGP-6

Shoreline and Stream Bank Stabilization Activities

f (1) Tidal Revetments and Other Tidal Shoreline Erosion Control Structures

f (2) Living Shorelines/Beach Nourishment

f (3) New Bulkheads, including Stone Toe Protection

f (4) Nontidal Bank Stabilization Activities

Return Water from Upland Contained Disposal Areas

g) All Activities

Private Landowner Oyster Gardening

h) All Activities

Your permit may also include Special Conditions which are specific to your individual project. Special Conditions are in addition to the General Conditions and Activity-Specific conditions required under the terms of the MDSPGP-6. All permittees should read and review their permits and verification letters carefully. If there are questions about any of the General, Activity-Specific, or Special Conditions attached to a permit issued under MDSPGP-6, contact the permit reviewer or program manager listed on the verification letter, or send a general inquiry to