Contracting Mission and Opportunities

The Baltimore District Contracting Office mission is to provide comprehensive acquisition services to ensure timely execution of requirements while upholding best value, quality, ethics, and compliance.

The Baltimore District provides many business opportunities for individuals and firms, such as HubZone, Veteran Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business and Small Women-Owned businesses, in the civilian community through our engineering and construction management work.

We perform construction of new buildings, renovations, alterations and repairs, large and small, and work in partnership with architect/engineer groups from the private sector on these projects. Our work on the Military Munitions Design Center, Baltimore Harbor & Channels projects, Smith Island Environmental Restoration and Protection Projects, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Rewatering Project, and the Middle Potomac River Watershed Assessment are just a few examples of our projects.  The Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, is rich in engineering and scientific talent, and will continue to provide partnering opportunities now and in the future


On 20 August 2021, the Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC), issued a memorandum recommending contracting offices transition to using the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Solicitation Module as the exclusive tool for electronic processing of data and documents in the Procure-to-Pay environment.  As a result, USACE contracting offices that are currently using other file drop services (e.g., DoD SAFE) are beginning to discontinue the use of these tools and beginning to transition to the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Solicitation Module.  This capability allows USACE to have a more automated and secure process for capturing solicitations and their attachments and responses from industry.

PIEE’s Solicitation Module enables posting of solicitations to a widespread or restricted audience. This includes the ability to post draft or final solicitations, amendments, and attachments. Government users can designate either the entire solicitation or specific attachments as limited to use by specific companies. Contractors are able to submit their proposals via the portal, and contracting personnel are then able to use the portal to distribute proposals to reviewers.

In preparation for full implementation of the PIEE Solicitation Module, we recommend that all Contractors doing business with USACE access the PIEE Solicitation Module Vendor Access Instructions (https://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/eb/docs/PIEE/PIEE_Solicitation_Module_Vendor_Access_Instructions.pdf) and either self-register for a PIEE account and add the appropriate roles, or for existing PIEE users, access their account and add additional roles.  There are two vendor roles (Proposal Manager, Proposal View Only) for the PIEE Solicitation Module. The Proposal Manager role is required to submit an offer to a solicitation posted in the PIEE Solicitation Module.  Further details are provided not only in the Vendor Access Instructions but also via PIEE's Web Based Training module (https://pieetraining.eb.mil/wbt) under the “Award” heading and “Solicitation” link (https://pieetraining.eb.mil/wbt/xhtml/wbt/sol/index.xhtml).  In addition, please be advised that when using the PIEE Solicitation Module, the user’s e-mail address in PIEE must match the e-mail address on file in SAM.gov.

Specific instructions on offer submission using the PIEE Solicitation Module will be included in solicitations that require the use of said tool.  The purpose of this special note is to alert potential Contractors of upcoming changes in USACE’s electronic submission process and ensure they are not only registered in PIEE but also have the appropriate roles.

COVID-19 Assistance

We appreciate the outpouring of support our District has received from private industry, local business owners and contracting firms during the pandemic.

If you are a contractor looking to offer your services in response to COVID-19, please fill out the below Interested Vendor Form. Also, view our "Doing Business with us Guide." You can also submit requests through our Headquarters' Contracting web page.

If you are able to retrofit or build out alternate care facilities, or provide temporary facilities like tents, modular units and field medical stations, please send your capability statements to: COVIDContracting@usace.army.mil

For all other types of COVID requirement vendors for cleaning, disinfecting, supplies, please register at the Disaster Response Registry at beta.sam.gov. If you require additional information, visit Acquisition.gov.

We encourage you to also still fill out the below form. 

If you are a facility manager looking to offer up your space as a potential alternate care site, please reach out to the states' emergency management agencies. They are in charge of facility selection and prioritization.

Hotel vendors with lodging available for USACE employees should email G4logisticssupport@usace.army.mil and provide facility name, address and any other facility information.

Through a FEMA mission assignment and FEMA funding, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, is working through our Headquarters in coordination with the State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia to perform site inspections of large spaces like existing hospitals, correctional facilities, convention centers and schools that could be converted into alternate care facilities.

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