Army Corps employee honored for heroic actions at Tioga-Hammond & Cowanesque Lakes project
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Baltimore District commander Col. Edward Chamberlayne and Corps Command Sgt. Major Antonio Jones honored Mr. Walter Beach, seasonal sewage and water plant operator, Tioga-Hammond & Cowanesque Lakes Project, for his heroic actions in preventing loss of life and property damage in a recognition ceremony in Tioga, Pennsylvania, February 8, 2016. Beach was praised for taking action in June 2015, when he observed a camper failed to place her vehicle in park while unlatching from her motor home in Tompkins Campground, sending the unattended vehicle on a backwards, downhill descend towards Cowanesque Lake and multiple campsites, restroom facilities, and a playground. Beach quickly drove up the hill and struck the small vehicle with his Army Corps service vehicle, safely bringing it to a stop. Minimal damage occurred to either vehicle, and there were no bodily injuries.