Army Corps to begin Alvin R. Bush Dam master plan revision process

Published July 11, 2019

ALVIN R BUSH DAM, Penn. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has begun the process of updating the Master Plan and preparing an Environmental Assessment for the Alvin R. Bush Dam project in Clinton County.  

All Army Corps dam projects have a master plan that serves as the project’s guiding document for responsible decision making for a lifespan of 15 to 25 years. Master plans include land use classifications that govern the way land is managed and used at the project to provide good stewardship and outdoor recreation.

The Alvin R. Bush Dam Master Plan revision will consider all Army Corps managed and maintained portions of land at Alvin R. Bush Dam. The revision will not consider specific future development opportunities for leased areas, such as Kettle Creek State Park, which is managed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The Master Plan revision will also not change the technical operations of the lake as related to its primary mission of flood risk management.

Alvin R. Bush Dam’s last master plan revision was in 1964.  The revision is part of an Army Corps-wide effort to bring master plans up to date across the country. 

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is being prepared in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines. The Army Corps is requesting that federal and state agencies provide information that may be pertinent to this assessment.

The public can request a public scoping meeting to discuss the scope and intent of this project with the Army Corps. Questions, feedback and requests for a scoping meeting can be sent to Andy Hofmann at or (410) 962-4370 by July 13, 2019. Additionally, questions can be mailed to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Operations Division, Subject: Alvin R. Bush Dam Project, 2 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, MD 21201.

All updates regarding the Master Plan revision, future public meeting information and ways to submit comments or questions may be found on the following site:

The draft Master Plan and EA are anticipated to be publicly released in spring 2020.  A public review meeting will be held during this time for the public to submit ideas, comments, and feedback on the draft Master Plan and draft EA. Details will be announced in advance of the meeting indicating the location and time.

About the Alvin R. Bush Dam project

The Alvin R. Bush Dam project has prevented an estimated $272.3 million in flood damages for the local community since its construction was completed in 1962. Alvin R. Bush Dam is located in Clinton County on Kettle Creek approximately 8.4 miles above the mouth of the creek and about 15 miles above Renovo, Pennsylvania.

Alvin R. Bush Dam is an earth and rockfill dam structure. The project controls a drainage area of 226 square miles or about 92 percent of Kettle Creek. The project reduces flood heights of Kettle Creek below the dam and of the West Branch below the mouth of Kettle Creek.

The recreational facilities are operated and maintained by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These recreation facilities include a 1,800-acre park with beach, boat launch, picnic areas and campgrounds.

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