Kathy, Chip Parrill, Friends of Jennings Randolph Lake, to receive 2021 national Enduring Service Volunteer Award

USACE, Baltimore District
Published July 21, 2022
2021 Enduring Service Award

2021 Enduring Service Award

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District, Deputy Commander Lt. Col. David Myers will present the Corps Foundation Enduring Service Volunteer Award to Chip Parrill, Friends of Jennings Randolph Lake president, and Kathy Parrill, Friends of Jennings Randolph Lake treasurer, during an award ceremony at Jennings Randolph Lake, July 23, 2022. 

"We invite the public to join us as we honor Chip and Kathy Parrill for their exceptional service to Jennings Randolph Lake and the region. They have made it their duty to develop, support and improve the betterment of Jennings Randolph Lake's natural resource and recreation stewardship missions, while demonstrating the significance of community engagement," said Franny Gullion, park ranger.

Each year, the Corps Foundation presents the Enduring Service Award to a maximum of two individuals from across the nation. It is awarded to those who have dedicated untiring efforts through long-term service and outstanding accomplishments at USACE lakes. This award is intended as a lifetime achievement award for nationwide non-profit organizations dedicated exclusively to supporting the nation's lakes, rivers and surrounding lands.

Since 2015, the Parrills have donated 4,353 service hours with an estimated value to the nation of $122,000 at Jennings Randolph Lake. Their leadership and service have provided more than 5,000 people with over 200 interpretive programs covering conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, water safety and recreation activities.

As devoted recreation stewards, the Parrills serve as Camp Hosts each year at the Robert W. Craig Campground from May to September. In addition, they have shown their commitment to environmental stewardship by organizing annual roadside cleanups and collecting more than 1,000 pounds of trash around the project.

They have secured several community grants, at a value of more than $130,000, to contribute to improvements such as:

  • Building a new pavilion
  • Remodeling the camp store
  • Installing a video screen for movies and presentations
  • Installing a gazebo at the pond
  • Installing a volleyball net
  • Installing a new playground

Through their contributions, they have also demonstrated the importance of inclusivity and accessibility. The Parrills partnered with USACE to build and maintain the Lakeside Trail and the Challenged Partnership 30-target 3D Archery Range, which includes four accessible shooting lanes for people with disabilities.

The Parrills dedicated service has influenced the strength of coming together as a community to achieve sustainable outcomes in environmental stewardship, conservation, interpretation, education, recreation, safety, administration, and community engagement.

JRL invites the public to attend the award ceremony at noon July 23, 2022, at the Robert W. Craig Campground Archery Course Pavilion.

For more information on how to get involved with Friends of Jennings Randolph Lake, visit: https://www.nab.usace.army.mil/Missions/Dams-Recreation/Jennings-Randolph-Lake/Friends-of-Jennings-Randolph-Lake/

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