Raystown Lake’s Return to Normal Pool Level

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District
Published Feb. 15, 2023
Crew removes sediment beneath dock.

Sediment was removed beneath where the new courtesy dock at Weaver Falls will be placed. The dock will be installed when water levels return to summer conservation pool 786.5 feet.

Camp shorelines were armored to reduce erosion.

The shorelines at Nancy’s Campground (above) and Tatman Run were armored with concrete blocks to reduce the effects of wave erosion.

Boat ramp repairs at Raystown Lake.

During the 2022 drawdown, the boat ramps at Seven Points (above) and Tatman Run were repaired.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, has concluded the controlled lake drawdown that began in October 2022 and will begin allowing the lake to return to a recreational pool elevation of 786.5 feet.

Improvement projects and other work that necessitated the drawdown are complete, and the lake elevation will begin its return to normal levels through natural runoff. The rate at which the lake level will rise and the date that the lake will return to the summer pool depends on the amount of precipitation received in the coming weeks and months.

Although USACE performed a drawdown in 2021 and 2022, it is essential to note that drawdowns will not be annual. Lowering the lake level allowed USACE and other partnering agencies, such as the PA Fish and Boat Commission, the Friends of Raystown Lake and concessionaire-operated marinas, to complete essential projects in typically underwater and/or inaccessible areas.

Projects completed during the 2022 drawdown include:

  • Shoreline armoring at Nancy’s Camp and Tatman Run
  • Boat ramp repair at Seven Points and Tatman Run
  • Sediment removal and drainage improvement at Snyder’s Run
  • Courtesy dock replacement at Weaver Falls
  • Fish structure repairs at James Creek

USACE staff also conducted garbage cleanups and wooden shoreline debris burning to improve boating access in lake cove shoreline areas.

Boat ramps that are currently closed to launching, including Aitch, Tatman Run, and Weaver Falls, will begin to reopen as water levels rise and weather conditions permit. Snyder’s Run, Seven Points, James Creek, and Shy Beaver are currently open and accessible to public launching.

Please monitor the Raystown Lake webpage and Raystown Lake’s Facebook page for closure information and updates. For any questions or concerns, please call the Raystown Lake ranger office at 814-658-3405 x0.


Allen Gwinn, Supervisory park ranger

Release no. 23-001