Tompkins Recreation Area Concession lease signed at Cowanesque Lake

Published May 6, 2013

TIOGA, PA The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes signed a lease with North Shore Concessions LLC to provide a multi-purpose concession at the Tompkins Recreation Area beginning in mid-May. North Shore Concessions LLC will provide services for long-term boat slip rentals, kayak rentals, a camp supply store and concession to visitors.


Due to the addition of these amenities, the Corps has made some operational changes to Tompkins Recreation Area.  The Corps will continue to operate overnight mooring for campers located at the Bench Camp mooring docks. Boat trailer parking for campers is located in the former ball field area adjacent to Meadow Camp. 


The Corps encourages Cowanesque Lake visitors to consider these changes when planning activities, especially when camping and boating.   The new facilities will provide expanded recreation opportunities for the visitors of Cowanesque Lake.


For information regarding this and other recreational opportunities at Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes please contact the Visitor Information Center at 570-835-5281 or visit our web pages at  Please contact North Shore Concessions LLC at 757-870-5813 with questions about their services.

Marilyn Jones

Release no. 13-010