Corps of Engineers reviews agreement with non-profit partners at Raystown Lake

Published Sept. 13, 2013

BALTIMORE – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District announced today that it has conducted a review of all Cooperative Joint Management (CJM) arrangements (agreements and leases) it has with its non-profit, cooperating associations at Raystown Lake.  Under these arrangements, cooperating associations have been collecting and retaining user fees generated from the public’s use of Army Corps of Engineers-constructed recreation facilities and reinvesting the fees to perform operation and maintenance of facilities within this jointly-managed lease area.  The Baltimore District currently has one such agreement in place at Raystown Lake in Huntingdon, Pa., with the Friends of Raystown Lake group.

Since all user fees must be deposited into the Land and Water Conservation Fund in the U.S. Treasury, the fees can no longer be retained by the Friends of Raystown Lake.

The Friends of Raystown Lake have been asked to take appropriate actions to cease expenditures of any funds generated by user fees.  All operations and maintenance of Raystown Lake at Seven Points and Susquehannock Recreation Areas has reverted back to the Corps of Engineer’s staff at Raystown Lake, effective immediately.

“Our staff at Raystown Lake has worked with the Friends of Raystown Lake to ensure the Seven Points recreation area remains open for the rest of this recreation season,” said Nick Krupa, operations manager. “We have a strong and valued partnership with the Friends and look forward to their continued involvement at the lake to provide the kinds of support that has enhanced our visitors’ experiences over the years.”

Visitors will continue to enjoy boating, camping, swimming, picnicking, geocaching, biking, walking and running.  The Friends of Raystown Lake have organized and assisted in lake clean-up events, lakeshore navigation lights, environmental educations and the award winning Allegrippis Trail System. 

“At Raystown Lake, we are committed to continuing our enduring, personal relationships with the Friends of Raystown Lake group,” said District Commander Col. Trey Jordan. “Our District and Raystown staff, value the beneficial natural resource management programs, activities and recreational opportunities they offer visitors.  I encourage our current and future visitors to participate.  Our goal is to always provide safe, exceptional recreation services to the public and our partnership with the Friends is a key part of our success in that.”

Nationally, the Army Corps of Engineers has Cooperative Joint Management arrangements with non-profit cooperating associations at a total of 34 parks and recreation areas within six geographic districts.

USACE is the nation’s largest federal provider of outdoor recreation, managing more than 420 lake and river projects in 43 states and hosting more than 370 million visits per year. With 90 percent of these recreation areas within 50 miles of metropolitan areas they provide a diverse range of outdoor activities close to home and to people of all ages. For more information on USACE recreation sites and opportunities, visit


Stacy Ouellette

Release no. 13-023