Area Army Corps parks to remain open temporarily during shutdown

Published Oct. 1, 2013

BALTIMORE — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, which oversees the operations of numerous recreation areas throughout the Susquehanna and Potomac River Basins, will temporarily continue full operations despite a lapse in federal funding. This means Corps operated campgrounds and day use areas will remain open and all reservations will be honored.  Moreover, parks with leased areas and/or concessionaires can remain open as well.

The Corps is unique among federal agencies in that it is funded mostly through individual projects that may carry over funds from year to year. All Baltimore District recreation areas and dams have enough remaining funding for work to continue at least through October 7, 2013. If the lack of an appropriations bill continues, the District will reevaluate its remaining funds weekly to determine which projects can continue to operate and for how long.

The following recreation parks will remain open:

Pennsylvania – Raystown Lake, Tioga-Hammond-Cowanesque Lakes, Alvin R. Bush Dam,  Aylesworth Creek Lake, Foster J. Sayers Dam, and Stillwater Lake.

New York - Almond Lake, East Sidney Lake, and Whitney Point Lake.

Maryland & West Virginia – Jennings Randolph Lake

Once Baltimore District expends their Fiscal 2013 budget funds, only staff essential to public health and safety, such as dam operations and emergency response readiness, and those necessary for the management of ongoing construction projects, will continue to work.  


Chris Augsburger

Release no. 13-028