Corps installs warning signs near weir on Codorus Creek

Published Oct. 6, 2014

YORK, Pa.  -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District recently installed six signs in York, Pennsylvania to advise the public of potentially dangerous areas near a weir on Codorus Creek.

The Corps installed the signs on Codorus Creek near Richland Avenue in West Manchester Township and Spring Garden Township. Two signs were installed upstream of the weir, two were installed downstream, and one was installed on each side of the structure.

Structures of this type can create a powerful undertow immediately downstream, and therefore swimming, boating, fishing, and wading are highly discouraged in these areas.

It’s important that the public be made aware of the potential dangers in these areas and take steps to prevent any incidents.

If you have any questions regarding the signs or the weir, please contact Joseph Ignatius, Chief, Flood Risk Management Branch at 410-962-6043.

Brittany Bangert

Release no. 14-028