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Water Safety

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is one of the nation’s leading provider of outdoor recreation with over 400 lake and river projects in 43 states and more than 250 million visits per year. Please be careful in and around the water because even strong swimmers drown. Check out this website to find valuable tips and resources that could save your life or the life of someone you care about. 

Project Overview

Stillwater Lake's dam is an earthfill structure, 1,700 feet long and rises 75 feet above the streambed, with a spillway and gate controlled outlet. The reservoir has a storage capacity of 11,600 acre feet at spillway crest, and controls a drainage area of 36.8 square miles. The project reduces flood heights on the Lackawanna River, downstream of the dam and on the Susquehanna River, downstream from its confluence with the Lackawanna River. The Pennsylvania-American Water Company (PAWC) utilizes Stillwater as a source of water supply for the Forest City Water Purification Plant on infrequent occasions. The intake facility is located immediately downstream of the reservoir on the Lackawanna River. The project is operational and there are recreation facilities available.

Location: Stillwater Dam is located in Susquehanna County, Pa., on the Lackawanna River four miles north and upstream from Forest City.

Authorization: The project was authorized by the Flood Control Act of Aug. 18, 1941 as a modification of the southern New York and eastern Pennsylvania project authorized by the Flood Control Act approved June 22, 1936, and is described in House Document No. 702, 77th Congress, second session.

Facilities: Under a Corps real estate agreement, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission operates and maintains a boat launch at the lake. Swimming and gasoline powered boat motors are prohibited in the lake since it may be used as a water supply source for downstream communities. Click here for more information.

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