Regulatory Correspondence

Please submit any correspondence, including compliance certification forms, via email at

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District
Regulatory Branch (CENAB-OPR)
2 Hopkins Plaza
Baltimore, MD 21201

Customer Service Survey

We at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch are committed to improving service to our customers and would like to know how well we have been doing. 

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Project review for Letter of Permission (LOP)

The projects on this page are considered to be of minor, non-controversial nature and authorization by a Department of the Army (DA) Letter of Permission (LOP) is contemplated. A LOP, as described in 33 CFR 325.2(e)(1), is a type of standard permit issued through an abbreviated processing procedure that includes coordination with federal and state resource agencies and a public interest evaluation, to include notification to adjacent property owners.

How to Review a Project

Adjacent property owners will receive a post card from the Baltimore District, Corps of Engineers with a brief description of the project and Corps tracking number. Please read your post card carefully and click on the Corps tracking number below to view plans and location maps for the project for which you’ve received notification. If you have any issues finding your project, please contact the Corps project manager listed on your post card.

Submitting Comments

Your comments are requested in writing by the date indicated on your postcard. Any comments or concerns, as well as requests for hard copies of plans and maps can be sent to or to the project manager listed on your post card. The Corps tracking number must be included in the subject line.

NAB-2023-60942-P33 (WO County Commissioners - West Ocean City Harbor/Dredging) Sent 11/21/2023

NAB-2022-61040-M46 (Tidal; Multiple Canal Maintenance Dredging Projects) Sent 11/16/2023

NAB-2023-60246-M43 (John Shipley/Marina Reconfiguration) Sent 10-6-2023

NAB-2022-62090-M43 (Mike Novak/2901 Belair Rd LLC/Pier, Pilings, Boatlifts, Revetment) Sent 10/6/2023

NAB-2023-60232-M51 (River Run/Marina Reconfiguration) Sent 9/27/2023

NAB-2019-61999-M49 (12 River Road LLC/Dredging) Sent 9/22/2023

NAB-2023-60858-M54 (Town of Highland Beach/Bruce Ave/Pier & Walkway) Sent 9/20/2023

NAB-2022-60107-M51 (638 Taylors Island Rd, LLC) Sent 9/14/2023

NAB-2023-60722-M51 (Town of Easton W-Glenwood Ave/Kayak Launch) Sent 9/14/2023

NAB-2023-60997-P05 (Crandell, Inc. Replace Piers, Platforms, and Mooring Piles) Sent 8/18/2023

NAB-2022-62008-M50 (SHM Great Oak Landing/Maintenance Dredging) Sent 8/14/2023

NAB-2021-60358-M49 (BA Property Mgmt/Sparrows Point Park/Pier) Sent 7/26/2023

NAB-2023-60149-M07 (USCG Yard/Curtis Creek/Site 1 & 2 Upgrades) Sent 7/21/2023

NAB-2022-61030-M07 (Erasmus Properties, Inc./Pier 1/Dredging) Sent 7/21/2023