PN 01-06 Anacostia River Watershed Restoration Project, Prince George's County, MD

Published June 8, 2015
Expiration date: 7/15/2015

June 1, 2015

All Interested Parties: In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District (USACE), is preparing an environmental assessment (EA) for multiple stream and  wetland  restoration projects being proposed in the Anacostia River watershed in Prince George's County, Maryland. The study is being conducted in partnership  with the Prince George's County Department of the Environment to determine if there are restoration projects to  be implemented  by the  Corps. If implemented, the projects would directly support USACE's commitment to the Chesapeake Bay goals included in Executive Order 13508, Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration.

In February 2010, USACE, in cooperation with local resource agencies, completed the Anacostia Restoration  Plan (ARP), which identified numerous environmental restoration opportunities in the Anacostia  watershed. The current Anacostia River watershed restoration study includes more detailed consideration of some of the restoration  projects previously identified  in the ARP that USACE can implement in Prince George's County. The EA under preparation also contains additional stream and wetland restoration projects that were not included in the ARP.

Ten  stream segments totaling approximately 10 miles in  length have  been  selected for investigation. The primary project  objectives for the selected stream segments are to: (1) restore in-stream habitat; (2) remove fish barriers; and (3) restore floodplain wetlands  and  increase stream-floodplain  connection.  To achieve  these objectives,  stream  and wetland restoration methods involving placement of in-stream structures, fish blockages removal/modification, excavating floodplain sediments, placing fill and soil in the floodplain, or planting native vegetation in the floodplain are being investigated. Projects would be formulated to  optimize environmental benefits,  to avoid increasing flood  risk,  and to minimize detrimental impacts to structures, properties, and human use of the streams and floodplain.

Alternatives that achieve project objectives are being planned, and benefits and costs will be evaluated. This planning information will be presented in a draft EA integrated within a USACE feasibility report anticipated to be released for public review in late 2015. A notice of availability will be released to inform the public that the EA describing proposed actions is available for review and comment.

To assist in the development of the  EA, we are requesting that you provide information concerning your interests or your organization's area of responsibility or expertise within  30 days from the date of this notice to the address below.  A timely review of this information and a written response would be greatly  appreciated. Substantive public comments received via the NEPA process will be fully considered by USACE.

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Spaur by e-mail at, by telephone  at (410) 962-6134,  or by mail at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore  District,  ATTN:  CENAB-PL-P (Spaur),  P.O.  Box 1715, Baltimore, Maryland 21203-1715.



Daniel M. Bierly Chief, Civil Project Development Branch