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 The Tioga and Hammond Lakes, along with Cowanesque Lake, provide wonderful opportunities for boating, whether you're in a pleasure boat, canoe, sailboat, or bass boat. Together they offer 2,268 acres of water with 32 miles of shoreline. There are no limits on boat size or horsepower, yet there are many quiet Slow, No Wake areas for those fishing, enjoying wildlife, or spotting a fishing Osprey. Five boat launching ramps are available for your use for a nominal launch fee. We also offer an annual pass.

Camper boat launching and camper mooring facilities are available as well.

Most importantly, when visiting our lake:

  • Obey posted rules, regulations and lake buoys.
  • Look before you dive. It may be unsafe.
  • Wear your PFD (life jacket).
  • Inspect your boat's safety equipment before boating at night.
  • Don't drive your boat after drinking. Alcohol and boating do not mix.
  • Know how to swim, beaches are unguarded.

Park rangers are available to assist you in making your visit enjoyable and safe.