The DNRP is a civilian employee relocation service authorized under 5 USC 5724, implemented under the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Volume 2, Chapter 5, and executed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a result of Defense Management Report Decision (DMRD 974).

DNRP provides relocation services to eligible DoD civilian employees so they may quickly and efficiently sell their homes at the prior duty station and locate housing appropriate to their needs at the new duty station.

DNRP services are authorized by the activity issuing PCS orders to the relocating employee. There is no cost for DNRP services for transferring employees.

DNRP services include:

  • Counseling services for employees
  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Guaranteed Home Buyout offer to purchase the employee's residence at the prior duty station
  • Home Search Assistance and mortgage counseling at the new duty station

Please click on the links below to access important program information and necessary forms.

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DNRP Employee Handbook (Rev. March 2013)

DNRP Online Relocation Services Request Form (Rev. Dec 2010)

You Must Utilize Internet Explorer as Your Web Browser and Pop-ups Must be Enabled to Complete the DNRP Service Request

To request DNRP services, complete the following steps:

1. Click on link for Relocation Services Request Form

2. Log-in to DNRP system (First time users click on "Register")

3. Complete required information, Click "I Certify" checkbox

4. Print and sign the Service Request form

5. Scan the signed print out, and save it to your machine

6. Click Continue, and HR contact screen will be displayed. Enter HR contact information, and upload the signed Service Request form by clicking the "Documentation" link on the HR Contact Selection form

7. Click Continue button, File Activation popup will be displayed

a. Click "Activate" button

b. When prompted, click OK to Activate File

c. Sign Off screen is displayed, sign off system

Your DNRP service request will be routed to your HR office for relocation service approval and Budget office for obligation of funds. When required information is complete, HR will electronically send the completed DNRP service request to the National Relocation Program Office (NRPO). A DNRP counselor will contact you to initiate program services within 3 business days of receipt of the completed service request form.

DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause - Addendum to Listing Agreement

Appraiser Interview Form

Home Marketing Tips

Employee Relocation Council (ERC) 11 Point Program for Amended Value Sale

DNRP Evaluation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs for the DoD National Relocation Program.
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Although it is recommended, it is not required. If you are not going to be present for the appraisal inspections, you must make arrangements to allow appraisers and inspectors access to your home.

Listing Agents: You may select any qualified, licensed real estate agent that you wish to list your home for sale, provided that he/she signs the required DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause (listed to the right) and includes it as an addendum to your listing agreement.

DoD recommends that before selecting a listing agent, interview at least 3 different prospective listing agents, and request them to propose and commit to a formal marketing action plan detailing what specific actions they will take, and when they will be taken, as a condition of listing your property.

  • Select an agent that demonstrates experience, expertise and a record of success in listing and selling properties in your area.
  • Ask each prospective listing agent for a written market analysis supporting their opinion of your property's most probable selling price.  

Appraisers: You will select the appraisers who will appraise your property to establish the DNRP Appraised Value Offer. The DNRP contractor will request you to select two primary appraisers plus one alternate. The DNRP contractor will provide you with a list of accredited appraisers with a record of performing accurate relocation appraisals in your area.  You may select appraisers from the DNRP contractor's list, or you may do your own research and select qualified appraisers independent of the list; however, any off-list appraisers that you request the DNRP contractor to utilize must meet the appraiser guidelines and qualifications listed on page 9 of the DNRP Employee Handbook.

Mortgage Lender: You are free to utilize any mortgage company or lender of your choice.  The DNRP contractor can refer you to national relocation lenders offering preferential rates/terms for transferring DoD employees. You should compare nationally available mortgages, rates, and fees offered through the DNRP relocation contractor with those available in your local market and select the lender and mortgage that best meets your needs.

You are never obligated to accept a DNRP home buyout offer. 

The DNRP is an alternative to selling your home yourself and obtaining reimbursement for real estate sale expenses under JTR entitlements. If you reject or allow your appraised value offer to expire you can still sell your home independently and voucher for reimbursement of selling expenses as provided under the JTR.

DNRP guidelines do not require you to list your home prior to entering the program. After you initiate DNRP services, you must list your home for sale with a qualified multiple listing broker and actively market the property for 60 consecutive days before you can accept the Appraised Value Offer from the DNRP relocation contractor.

Some commands/agencies have additional requirements, please check with your HRO/CPO to confirm your agency's program eligibility requirements.

The DNRP contractor can refer you to recommended relocation specialist agents from leading local real estate firms to consider as potential listing agents.

You can call the DNRP toll free information line (800-344-2501) or email ( and request referral to a DNRP contractor to receive name(s) of recommended experienced relocation listing agents in your location for your consideration.

The HMIP must be authorized by your agency. Your local HRO/CPO can advise you of your agency's policy.

The HMIP is paid by the ordering activity. The NRPO has no involvement with payment of the HMIP. Your local HRO/CPO can advise you on procedure to request the HMIP sale bonus.

You can request DNRP services at any time after you receive your PCS orders. DoD recommends that, if possible, DNRP services should be initiated 90-120 days prior to the planned move date.

Please note that authorization for Relocation Services must be on your ORIGINAL PCS orders. Orders cannot be amended to add authorization for relocation services at a later date.

To request DNRP services,  open the  Relocation Services Request form to the right (Appendix 1) and complete Section 1, then forward to your HR office or CPO to complete Sections 2 and 3.

When the service request form is completed, HR will send the form along with a copy of your PCS orders to the National Relocation Program Office (NRPO) via email or fax.

Fax: (410) 962-4322

Within 3 business days of the NRPO's receipt and review of the completed request form, you will be contacted by a DNRP counselor who will provide an overview of the program, answer questions, and initiate program services.

You may request DNRP relocation services any time after you receive your PCS orders.  Under JTR guidelines, you have two years from the date you report for duty at the new duty station to complete the home sale process. 

Check with your agency for any additional policies and requirements.

Your home equity payment will be wired directly into your bank account within 5 business of the DNRP contractor's execution of your offer acceptance. Under a DNRP sale you receive your full equity payment, your sale proceeds are not diminished by deductions for home sale expenses usually paid at sale closing.
Under normal circumstances it will take approximately 30 calendar days after you select your appraiser choices for the Appraised Value Offer to be established.  After you receive the AVO, you have 60 days to accept or reject the guaranteed home sale offer.
DNRP participation requires the Exclusion Clause addendum to be part of your listing agreement with your realtor.  If your realtor is reluctant to include the addendum in your listing contract, contact your DNRP contractor's relocation counselor or your counselor in the National Relocation Program Office.

Only civilian DoD employees authorized by their agency are eligible for DNRP home sale and property management services.

However, both civilian employees and active duty service members may utilize DNRP no-fee destination services and home finding assistance and mortgage counseling. Call the DNRP toll free number (800-344-2501) to request destination services.

No. Employees must select either DNRP home sale program OR property management services at the time of completing the Relocation Services request. You cannot go through the home sale program, reject the home buyout offer, and then request property management services under DNRP.
  • Guaranteed Home Buyout: You receive a guaranteed offer to purchase your home based on the average of two independent appraisals completed by appraisers that you select.
  • No Cost to You: There is no cost to you at all for utilizing the DNRP, regardless of whether you accept the DNRP buyout offer or not.
  • Professional Home Marketing Assistance: You receive professional assistance to help you market your home successfully in an active effort to obtain a higher DNRP home buyout offer that matches an acceptable offer from an outside qualified purchaser.
  • Home Sale Bonus Opportunity: You may qualify for the HMIP sale bonus of up to $10,000.
  • Interest-free Equity Advance: You can receive an interest free equity advance of up to 75% of your available equity if needed for new home purchase.
  • No Selling Expenses: You incur NO selling expenses when you sell your home to the DNRP contractor. You receive 100% of your equity payment with no deductions for selling costs that you normally would have to pay at sale closing.
  • Fast Equity Payment: Your equity payment is wired directly into your bank account within 5 business days of the DNRP contractor's execution of your offer acceptance. You do not have to worry about a buyer qualifying for a mortgage, or a low bank appraisal, or wait for a sale to close.
  • Eliminates Need for Reimbursement Vouchers: You have no reimbursement expense vouchers to complete, and no RITA tax withholdings that diminish the funds you receive.

The Listing Exclusion Clause is an addendum to your listing agreement that protects your right to accept a buyout offer from the DNRP contractor without any obligation for you to pay a real estate commission to your realtor.

Your listing agent will earn a full sale commission if he/she is successful in obtaining an acceptable offer from a qualified purchaser while you are marketing your home prior to accepting the DNRP Appraised Value Offer.

During the home marketing period, if you receive a purchase offer from a qualified buyer for a price that is acceptable to you, and the DNRP relocation contractor approves the sale, the DNRP contractor will buy your home from you for the net sale price offered by the outside buyer, and wire your equity payment into your bank account within 5 business days of their acceptance of the outside sale.

The DNRP contractor will then enter into a new listing agreement with your former listing agent, and attempt to sell the property to the outside buyer for the price and terms that had been offered to you.

When the sale closes, the DNRP contractor will pay the full sale commission to your former listing agent.

If the agent does not elicit an acceptable offer during the home marketing process and you accept the DNRP Appraised Value Offer, the listing is cancelled when you accept the AVO, and your listing agent will not earn any commission.

An outside or market-based offer is an acceptable offer to purchase your home received from a qualified potential buyer which nets you equal to or more than the DNRP Appraised Value Offer.  If the offer is acceptable and the potential purchaser appears to be qualified, the DNRP contractor will “amend” the Appraised Value Offer to equal the net sale price offered by the outside potential purchaser (Amended Value Sale).

If the appraised value has not been established at the time the offer is received, the DNRP contractor will purchase your home for the net amount of the outside sale price. In that case, when there is no AVO to amend, the buyer has established the home value, and the transaction is called a Buyer Value Option (BVO) sale.

You should not list your home for sale until after receipt of your PCS orders. Your local HRO/CPO can advise you when you can list your home in accordance with the JTR.  You are required to list your house for sale upon initiating DNRP services.
The appraisers are appraising your home in the “as is” condition assuming that all systems are in working order and that no conditions exist that would make your home ineligible for the DNRP. If conditions are found to exist in your home that make the property ineligible for the program, the conditions must be repaired or mitigated in order to qualify for the program.

The DNRP is designed to help you successfully sell your home for the best price possible after a reasonable exposure to the local real estate market.

The DNRP Appraised Value Offer (AVO) is an estimate of the anticipated selling price for your home based on a marketing time of up to 120 days. The AVO is not the highest or the lowest price possible, but should be considered as a “safety net” - a guaranteed offer that you can accept if you are not able to find a potential outside purchaser willing to pay more than the AVO. 

If you obtain a bona fide offer from a qualified purchaser for a price equal to or more than the AVO, the DNRP contractor may buy your home from you for the net sale price offered by the outside purchaser.

In addition to potentially netting more from the sale of your property, by successfully selling your home to the DNRP contractor for the sale price offered by the outside purchaser, you may qualify for a Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP) sale bonus of up to $10,000.  Please check with your HR office or CPO for more details about the HMIP sale bonus.

No. DNRP does not provide financial benefits for employees purchasing homes in the new location. JTR entitlements provide for reimbursement of normal and customary home purchase expenses for eligible employees. Please check with your HR office for information regarding JTR home purchase expense reimbursement entitlements. 

DNRP does provide no-fee home finding assistance and referral to national relocation lenders who provide preferential rates and terms for transferring DoD employees. For information on DNRP no-fee destination services, please call the DNRP toll free information line (800-344-2501) or send an information request to


If you have questions about DNRP program or eligibility guidelines, you may email email us or call the DNRP toll free information line: 800-344-2501.