An Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA-7600A) is now REQUIRED. Call 410-962-4177 with questions. 

The DoD National Relocation Program (DNRP) is designed to assist eligible and authorized Department of Defense (DoD) civilian transferees to relocate from one duty station to another. 

DNRP is an alternative to PCS Real Estate Reimbursement.

There is no cost to the transferee for DNRP services.  DNRP actually saves the transferee money and time.

DNRP services include:

  • Program information Counseling 
  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS)
  • Homefinding and Mortgage assistance at the new duty station

How to Get Started:

Please review the DNRP Transferee Handbook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs for the DoD National Relocation Program.
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 Am I required to be at the old residence when the house is appraised?
Although it is recommended, it is not required. If you are not going to be present for the appraisal inspections, you must make arrangements to allow appraisers and inspectors access to your home.
 Can I select my own real estate agent/ mortgage company/ appraisers?

YES. Listing Agents: You may select any qualified, licensed real estate agent that you wish to list your home with, provided that the Agent signs the required DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause-Addendum to Listing Agreement. It can be found on the DNRP web page.

YES. Appraisers: You will select the appraisers to establish the DNRP Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS) offer.     The Relocation Management Contractor (RMC) will have you select two primary appraisers plus one alternate. The RMC will provide you with a list of accredited appraisers or you may request appraisers who are not on the RMC’s list, however the RMC must verify their qualifications to perform residential relocation appraising.

YES. Mortgage Lender: You are free to utilize any mortgage company or lender of your choice.  The RMC can refer you to national relocation lenders offering preferential rates/terms for transferring DoD employees

 Do I have to accept the Appraised Value Offer?

No. You are never obligated to accept a DNRP Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS) offer. 

The DNRP is an alternative to selling your home yourself and obtaining reimbursement for real estate sale expenses. If you reject or allow your GHS offer to expire you can still sell your home independently and voucher for reimbursement of selling expenses as provided under the JTR.

 Do I have to list my home for sale before I can start DNRP?

No. DNRP guidelines do not require you to list your home prior to entering the program. It is recommended that you don’t. You must have the DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause-Addendum added to your Listing Agreement as part of your listing agreement and the NRPO can help you with that. The exclusion clause can be found on the DNRP web page.  

After you initiate DNRP services, you must list your home for sale with a qualified broker and actively market the property for 60 consecutive days.  

Some Commands/Agencies have additional requirements, please check with your HRO to confirm your agency's program eligibility requirements.

 Do you have a list of real estate brokers that are recommended?
Yes. You can call the NRPO (800-344-2501 or 410-962-3166) or email ( and request referral to a DNRP Relocation Management Contractor (RMC) to receive name(s) of recommended brokers.
 Does my agency pay the Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP)? How do I request my HMIP?

The HMIP must be authorized by your agency. Your local HRO can advise you of your agency's policy.

The HMIP is paid by the ordering activity. The NRPO has no involvement with payment of the HMIP.

 How and when do I request DNRP services?

You can request DNRP services at any time after you receive your PCS orders.

Please note that authorization for Relocation Services must be on your ORIGINAL PCS orders. Orders cannot be amended to add authorization for relocation services at a later date.

To request DNRP services, open the DNRP Online Relocation Services Request Form on the DNRP web page  and follow instructions.

 How long does it take to get my equity payment if I accept a DNRP home buyout offer?

Your home equity payment will be wired directly into your bank account within 5 business days of the RMC’s execution of your offer acceptance.

 How long will it take for me to receive the Appraised Value offer?

Under normal circumstances it will take approximately 30 calendar days after your appraiser selection.

 If my listing agent will not sign the DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause can I still participate in the DNRP?

No. DNRP participation requires the DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause Addendum to be part of your listing agreement with your realtor.  If your realtor is reluctant to include the addendum, contact your RMC’s Relocation Counselor (RC) or your counselor in the National Relocation Program Office (NRPO).

 Is the Department of Defense National Relocation Program (DNRP) available for active duty service members?

No. Only civilian DoD employees authorized by their agency are eligible for DNRP home sale and property management services.

However, both civilian employees and active duty service members may utilize DNRP no-fee Departure Services/Destination Services/ Mortgage Services. Call the NRPO (800-344-2501 or 410-962-3166) to request destination services.

 May I use DNRP home sale services, and if I don't accept the home buyout offer, then utilize Property Management services?

No. Employees must select either DNRP Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS) OR Property Management (PM) at the time of completing the Online Relocation Services Request Form. You cannot go through the home sale program, reject the home buyout offer, and then request property management services under DNRP.

 What are the advantages to utilizing the DNRP to sell my home?
  • Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS): You receive a guaranteed offer to purchase your home based on the average of two independent appraisals completed by appraisers that you select.
  • No Cost to You: There is no cost to you at all for utilizing the DNRP, regardless of whether you accept the DNRP buyout offer or not.
  • Professional Home Marketing Assistance: You receive professional assistance to help you market your home successfully in an effort to obtain an offer on your home.
  • Home Marketing Incentive Payment: You may qualify for the HMIP.
  • Interest-free Equity Advance: An interest free equity advance of up to 75%, if needed for new home.
  • No Selling Expenses: You incur NO selling expenses when you sell your home to the RMC. You receive 100% of your equity and no deductions are made for selling costs that you normally would have to pay at sale closing.
  • Fast Equity Payment: Your equity payment is wired directly into your bank account within 5 business days of the RMC’s execution of your offer acceptance. 
  • Eliminates Need for Reimbursement Vouchers: You have no reimbursement expense vouchers to complete, and no RITA tax withholdings that diminish the funds you receive.
 What is the DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause? What does it mean for my realtor?

The DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause is an addendum that protects your right to accept an offer from the RMC, without any obligation for you to pay a real estate commission.

Your listing agent will earn a full sales commission, if the agent is successful in obtaining an acceptable offer from a qualified purchaser while you are marketing your home prior to accepting the GHS offer.

If the agent does not elicit an acceptable offer during the home marketing process and you accept the GHS offer, the listing is cancelled when you accept the AVO, and your listing agent will not earn any commission.

 What qualifies as an outside offer? (Amended Value Option (AVO)/Buyer Value Option (BVO))

An outside offer is an acceptable offer to purchase your home received from a qualified buyer which nets you equal to or more than the Guaranteed Home Sale (GHS) offer.  If the offer and buyer are acceptable, the RMC will “amend” the GHS offer to equal the net sale price offered by the outside purchaser.

 When can I list my property for sale?

You should not list your home for sale until after receipt of your PCS orders and you have reviewed the DNRP Listing Exclusion Clause-Addendum to Listing Agreement.  You are required to list your house for sale upon initiating DNRP services.

 Why are repairs required if my house is being appraised “as is”?

The appraisers are appraising your home in the “as is” condition, assuming that all systems are in working order and that no conditions exist that would make your home ineligible for the DNRP. If conditions are found to exist in your home that make the property ineligible for the program, the conditions must be repaired or mitigated in order to qualify for the program.

 Why do I have to list my home for sale?

DNRP is designed to help you successfully sell your home for the best price possible after a reasonable exposure to the real estate market.

The GHS is an estimate of the anticipated selling price for your home based on a marketing time of up to 120 days. The GHS is not the highest or the lowest price possible, but should be considered as a “safety net” - a guaranteed offer that you can accept if you are not able to find an outside purchaser.

Selling your home with the RMC and obtaining a BVO offer or AVO offer is half of the cost of you accepting a GHS offer.  Having many BVO’s and AVO’s allows the DNRP program to be offered to more DoD transferees.

 Will DNRP pay for any of the reimbursable expenses for the purchase of my new residence?

No. DNRP does not provide for the reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of your new residence. JTR entitlements provide for reimbursement of normal and customary home purchase expenses for eligible employees.


If you have questions about DNRP or eligibility guidelines, you may email ( or call 800-344-2501 or 410-962-3166.