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August 2020 Project Update

This monthly Spring Valley Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) project summary is provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District, as part of its ongoing efforts to make information regarding the neighborhood investigation more accessible to community members, elected officials, Restoration Advisory Board members, and other interested stakeholders. Specifically, the monthly update is produced to provide those who follow the project with a current snapshot of regulatory partnering, planning and field activities, and is not designed to provide historical information or an overview of the project. Those individuals interested in broader project information, or who have follow-up questions regarding this update, are invited to contact our Community Outreach Team at 410-962-2210. You may also contact our project regulatory partners, Brian Barone (DOEE) at 202-499-0437 or Joe Vitello (US EPA) at 215-814-3352.

Glenbrook Road NW

- With the trenching, backfill, and compaction activities at the previous excavation areas completed, the crew progressed on to the planned re-grading work. Starting at the south end of the property, one truck at a time arrived at the site, filled with backfill to be compacted for this site restoration effort. As each truck arrived, it was driven onto a geotextile fabric runway to remove dirt from the truck tires before exiting onto Glenbrook Rd. During dry days in August, we were able to bring four truckloads of soil an hour to the site; staggering one every 15 minutes. At no time was there more than one of our trucks on Glenbrook Road.

- Also in August, the crew finished the labeling and preparation of the soil drums at the Federal Property for transportation and disposal. Additionally, the team rebuilt the heavily used short gravel road at the fenced site entrance along Glenbrook Rd, inspected and repaired the erosion and soil controls in response to the heavy tropical storms, and removed the emergency siren and utility pole that was staged along the back fence line of the Glenbrook property.

- Our operation schedule is Monday through Thursday, between 8 am - 4 pm, when our road guards are on hand to assist everyone with driving safely along the 4800 block of Glenbrook Road.

Site-Wide Remedial Action (RA)

- The Remedial Action efforts continued in August with the two main efforts: the final geophysical surveys for potential WWI munitions at 92 residential properties and 13 city/federal properties and the efforts to continue investigating the soils under the foundation of American University’s (AU) former Public Safety Building (PSB). 

- Remedial Action fieldwork efforts continued at residential properties and city/federal lots. The survey team continued at several properties and the remaining city/federal lots along the Dalecarlia Parkway. The outreach team continued to work with homeowners to finalize arborist landscape appraisals and plant removal plans. Survey efforts were completed at another group of properties and the last vegetation removal efforts were completed at the city/federal lots along the eastern residential border. The dig team remobilized in the latter half of August to conduct anomaly removal efforts and will continue into September. 

- At AU’s former PSB, soil excavations continued in August. The team continues to encounter lab grade glassware debris and have followed it to the northern hillside edge of the former PSB footprint. Through further investigation the debris appears to extend outside of the northwestern footprint and near the existing sump. The team has prepared work plans and is evaluating the removal of the debris trail into the hillside. The team has approximately 6 weeks of work remaining.

- Throughout all Remedial Action efforts, the teams continue to practice COVID-19 safety measures, including daily health monitoring, decontaminating tools, frequent hand washing, and social distancing.


- As a reminder, the Army Corps of Engineers, in agreement with the regulatory Partners (DOEE and EPA), completed the latest sampling event on June 23 - 24. This sampling effort was to confirm any significant changes in the arsenic and perchlorate concentrations since the last sampling event. The Army Corps and Partners are reviewing and discussing the results and will determine the path forward for the final groundwater approach. The results of this sampling event are available on the USACE website in the Partners presentation slides:

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our August Partners and July RAB meetings were not held. In lieu of in-person meetings, the project update presentations that would have been shared at the meetings have been posted to the project website. At this time, the September RAB meeting has also been cancelled due to health concerns surrounding COVID-19. Please contact the Outreach Team at for upcoming meeting details and updates.

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