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Raystown Risk Quiz

Historical data indicates at least one person will not survive their next trip to Raystown this year. This quiz is based on Raystown fatality and serious injury statistics over the past 40 years. Answer the questions honestly to determine your level of risk.

1.     Someone reminds you to wear a lifejacket.  You:

a.     are already wearing it

b.     make sure to wear it if circumstances require it

c.     know how to swim and shrug them off

2.     Are you:

a.     a female or under the age of 18

b.     a male over the age of 36

c.     a male aged 18-35

3.     When you swim/wade, you’ll mostly:

a.     swim at the beach

b.     swim from the shoreline, but not the beach

c.     swim from a boat

4.     At the lake you will mostly:

a.     wish you had a boat :(

b.     go cruise/float in a boat

c.     go fishing from a boat

5.     A friend falls in the water and starts going under, your immediate reaction is:

a.     throw something for them to grab onto

b.     throw on a lifejacket and jump in after them

c.     dive in without thinking

6.     When it comes to alcohol:

a.     you won’t be drinking it

b.     I’ll have a couple over the course of the day

c.     you’re not driving a car or boat, so party on!

7.     I’d most likely challenge myself by:

a.     Playing it safe, I’m not a risk taker

b.     Swimming across the lake or cove, or out to a buoy and back

c.     Jumping from the highest cliff I can find

8.     The lifejackets on your boat are (or if you had a boat would be):

a.     Properly sized for everyone and they would all be wearing them

b.     Inspected annually and stored neatly away

c.     I looked a couple years ago and I’m sure they’re all here

9.     Lifejackets are meant to be worn:

a.     By everyone anytime they’re around water

b.     When I’m doing something risky around water

c.     By kids and people that don’t know how to swim

10.  The following statement best suits me:

a.     I don’t have much experience around water, so I tend to play it safe

b.     I’m comfortable around water and look for opportunities to learn more

c.     I’m an expert and have been working/playing around water for years



Mostly A – you are cautious and recognize everyone is at risk around water.  Very rarely do people like you fall victim to water related accidents or death.  The best thing you can do is be an advocate and remind others to play it safe around water by wearing a lifejacket.

Mostly B – you take reasonable precautions around water, but rely on your experience and false assumptions to prevent injury or death.  Roughly half of all water related accidents and deaths at Raystown happen to people that fall in this category.  You can lower your risk by expecting the unexpected.  Practice recognizing the dangers in your normal routines and try wearing a lifejacket more often.

Mostly C – your risk taking nature combined with overconfidence and false assumptions make you VERY prone to serious injury or death.  Over half of all water related accidents and deaths at Raystown happen to people like you.  You can lower your risk by checking your ego, admitting you could be the next person to drown, and wearing a lifejacket more often.