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A Public Notice is prepared as the primary method of advising all interested parties of a proposed activity for which a permit is sought and of soliciting comments and information necessary to evaluate the probable beneficial and detrimental impacts on the public interest.  Public notices are only prepared for projects determined to exceed minimal individual or cumulative adverse environmental effects and that may be contrary to the public interest.

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Archive: 2013
  • NAV PN 13-01 Maintenance Dredging, Little Wicomico River

    The proposed work consists of dredging the channel to the authorized depth of 8 feet, mean lower low water (MLLW), plus 2 feet of advanced maintenance dredging and 1 foot of allowable overdepth (Enclosure 1). Due to the inaccuracies in dredging, some material may be removed beyond the overdepth. However, it is typically a negligible amount. Approximately 12,000 cubic yards of material consisting primarily of sand, gravel, shell and combinations thereof, are to be dredged using a hydraulic pipeline dredge, from the outermost 1,100 feet of the channel and placed on the proposed beach area (Enclosure 2). The dredge pipeline will be routed to minimize impacts to the habitat of the northeastern beach tiger beetle, which is located along the beach between the placement site and the Federal channel entrance.
  • Cowanesque Lake Environmental Assessment

    In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, as amended, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District (USACE), has prepared a draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposed revised plan of operation for the water supply storage owned by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) at Cowanesque Lake, located in Tioga County, PA (Enclosure). USACE operates Cowanesque Lake as a multi-purpose project. USACE makes infrequent water supply releases to compensate for downstream consumptive use during dry years when Q7-10[1] low flow water levels are observed on the Susquehanna River at either the Wilkes-Barre or Harrisburg, PA, stream flow gages.

  • PN13-42 St. Charles Mitigation Bank, LLC/St. Charles Mitigation Bank - Charles, Prince George's, and St. Mary's Counties

    Expiration date: 7/25/2013

    PN 13-42 the comment period is June 25, 2013 to July 25, 2013. Charles, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s Counties DESCRIPTION: The Baltimore District Corps of Engineers (Corps) and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) are soliciting comments from the public: Federal, State, and local agencies and officials; Indian Tribes; and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the proposed St. Charles Mitigation Bank, LLC/St. Charles Mitigation Bank and the potential of the proposed mitigation bank to provide appropriate compensatory mitigation for activities authorized by Department of the Army and /or State of Maryland Nontidal Wetlands Act permits. POC: Eugene Morgenthaler at 410-820-8629 or by email

  • PN13-37 CORPS: Mid County Corridor Study MDE Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways: 13-NT-3162/201360802/AI No.140416

    Expiration date: 8/21/2013

    PN 13-37 the comment period is June 21, 2013 to August 21, 2013. Montgomery County DESCRIPTION: The Midcounty Corridor Study (MCS) is to develop transportation improvements in Montgomery County east of I-270 between Clarksburg and Gaithersburg to relieve projected congestion on roadway facilities between Clarksburg and Gaithersburg, east of I-270; provide a north-south corridor which improves the safety and efficiency of short and moderate length trips in the study area; improve vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle access to residential, commercial, and employment destinations in Clarksburg and in the eastern areas of Gaithersburg and Germantown. POC: Jack Dinne at 410-962-6005 or by email

  • PN13-40 The Mary Michels Trust/Stone Revetment/Marsh Planting/Boatlift and Pilings - Anne Arundel County

    Expiration date: 7/17/2013

    PN 13-40 the comment period is June 19, 2013 to July 19, 2013. Anne Arundel County DESCRIPTION: To provide shoreline erosion control and to upgrade the boat lifts and slips. POC: Rich Kibby at 410-962-0694 or by email

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