Sustainable Projects

As stewards of the environment, the Baltimore District actively engages in a variety of sustainable engineering, design and construction practices including energy reduction, low impact development and installation planning, among many others.

At the Baltimroe District, our programs support an array of nationally important environmental goals, including:

- Restoring ecosystem health
- Conserving and improving habitats
- Protecting and restoring rare and endagered species
- Providing conservation and education
- Keeping our Nation's waters clean
- Achieving no overall netloss to wetlands

The Corps also supports the planning and development of Department of Defense and other Federal agencies' facilities, including:

- Stormwater management studies and mapping
- Environmental baseline surveys
- Sustainability studies
- Green procurement plans

For some examples of Baltimore District's sustainable projects, please select a state from the list below. 

Sustainable Projects by State

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 Central Maryland
 District of Columbia
 New York