Real Estate Overview

The Baltimore District, Real Estate Division performs an integral and vital role in the District's engineering and construction mission by acquiring and managing real property interests required for our civil works, military and environmental projects.

The Real Estate Division administers the Department of Defense National Relocation Program. Through this program, we provide several different services for civilian employees transferring within the United States and its possessions for the benefit of the government. Employees returning from OCONUS to a duty location different from the departure location are also eligible to participate. Since its inception in 1987, the relocation program has helped thousands of employees sell their homes through the Guaranteed Homesale Program, rent their homes through the Property Management Program, and purchase or rent in a new town through Destination Services. 

The Real Estate Division also provides real estate support to a number of other agencies through the International and Interagency Support program.

DoD National Relocation Program

The DoD National Relocation Program (DNRP) is a Center of Excellence for all of DoD The Mission of the DNRP is the Recruitment, Relocation and Retention of DoD Civilians.

The DNRP is a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Benefit that needs to be authorized by the hiring entity.

The DNRP is designed to assist eligible and authorized Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees to relocate from one duty station to another. The DNRP offers an alternative to the PCS Real Estate reimbursement process for those authorized employees who must sell their primary residences. The DNRP is not mandatory but may be used at the sole discretion of the transferring employee once it is approved by their command.

DNRP authorization comes from:

•            Public Law 98-151

•            Defense Management Report Decision (DMRD) 974

Civil Projects Support Branch

Civil Projects Support Branch provides civil real estate support within the borders of both the Baltimore and Philadelphia Districts, as well as interagency and international real estate support (IIS) worldwide. This support encompasses a variety of "traditional" real estate functions, such as management of federal lands under Corps jurisdiction as well as involvement with non-federal sponsors in local cooperation projects. Our IIS functions may include support to such agencies as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), or agencies with Department of Defense (DOD) to support as well as other international agencies requiring real estate support within the United States. This support involves real estate services in the general categories of real property planning, acquisition, relocations, management, and disposal.
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Real Estate Planning: We develop necessary Real Estate Plans (REP) for cost shared projects and Real Estate Design Memorandums for other Corps projects to establish the necessary real estate and costs required. These are often integrated with larger project reports to go up for approval. In conjunction with these project studies, we are often called upon to acquire Rights-of-Entry (ROE) for Survey and Exploration, to provide team access to prospective project properties for the purposes of the studies. We also conduct Utilization inspections and reports on existing Corps and agency property to determine future use and potential excess property.

Real Estate Acquisition: The real estate acquisition services provided for Civil and IIS include coordinating title, appraisal, and mapping work in order to perform negotiations for purchase, lease, exchange, donation, or transfer. These actions may involve acquisition of fee title or lesser easement interests as well as leasing office space or real property for government use, as defined in the approved planning documents. We may acquire for the Corps as well as on behalf of other non-federal sponsors, federal agencies, or other international agencies, based on prearranged real estate service agreements.

Relocations: In conjunction with acquisition, we may also have to process Relocation Assistance and requests for payment of benefits applications for residents or businesses, coordinating such relocations under policies as provided under P.L. 91-646.

Management: We administer the management of real property under Corps jurisdiction as well as that required under service agreements for IIS. This may involve outgrants, such as granting leases, easements, licenses, permits and consents, as well as resolving encroachments and boundary line disputes. This also involves performing outgrant Compliance inspections and reports that measure a grantees compliance with the terms of the outgrant. We administer oil and gas leasing activities on Corps property through the Bureau of Land Management.

We also request assignment of GSA-controlled space (both leased and Government-owned) for civil use as well as administer such space and request its release when no longer needed.

Disposal: We administer the disposal and sale of timber, sand, gravel, and dredged material through public solicitation to the general public and contract for removal. We also process the sale of Corps civil lands or assignment of easements. This involves coordinating the necessary appraisal, mapping, environmental and cultural studies, screening for potential homeless, federal, state or local use, in order to prepare Reports Excess for approval. Depending on the excess property value threshold, we either report such land to GSA for final disposal, or dispose of the property ourselves through sale or auction. We also monitor Government-owned improvements under Corps jurisdiction, determine what is surplus and process them for sale, salvage or demolition.

Interagency and International Support Branch

Interagency and International Support Branch


Military Projects Support Branch

The Military Projects Support branch of Real Estate Division, under the direction of the Branch Chief, Ms. George (Dell) Jackson, is sub-divided into two unique sections:  Installations Support Section – led by Section Chief, Ms. Cheryl Janiszewski and Leasing Section – led by Section Chief, Ms. Gloria Hawkins.

The branch is multifaceted and handle all leasing matters assigned to the Corps of Engineers in the DC, DE, MD, PA, VA and WV areas. 




Technical Services Branch

 Appraisal Section
Professional staff of three licensed Certified General Real Estate Appraisers (licensed by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Commission of Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors). For information on licensing requirements, education requirements and license search click on the following link:

Capabilities include preparation of appraisals and appraisal reviews for various types of real property, preparation of market surveys and preparation of cost estimates for planning purposes. Capabilities also include the preparation of appraisal Scopes of Work (SOW) for procurement of appraisal service contracts involving various types of real property and interests in real property to be appraised by contractors.

Samples of project appraisals and appraisal reviews performed by the Appraisal Section include the following:

- Military Office-Industrial Complexes (e.g. BRAC appraisals for Ft. Monmouth, NJ and Ft. Monroe, VA)
Mixed-use Campus (e.g. BRAC appraisals for Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C. and Charles E. Kelly Support Facility, Pittsburgh, PA)
- EUL Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews (locations including APG, Ft. Meade, Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Detrick, Redstone Arsenal, Rock Island Arsenal, Picatinny Arsenal and Camp Navajo)
- Fee and Easement Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews (for EPA Superfund Sites and other hazardous substance remediation projects at locations in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York)
- In-lease Rental Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews (e.g. office swing space in National Capitol Region, commercial/retail space for Recruiting Centers in PA, WVA, MD, District of Columbia and Northern VA and industrial/warehouse building leases in the Cumberland Valley Business Park for occupancy by U.S. Army activities extending from Letterkenny Army Depot)
- Gross Appraisals (for proposed acquisition and disposal projects for incorporation in General Design Memoranda)
- Outgrant Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews (for Aircraft Hangar leases, Bank Branch land leases, ATM leases, Cell Tower and Antenna leases, Utility Company Easements and other encroachments located on U.S. Army owned real property)
- Cost Estimates and Market Surveys (e.g. real estate acquisition planning estimates for Andrews Air Force Base - North Clear Zone and Arlington National Cemetery Expansion Plan Decision Brief)
- Appraisal Section has a Master Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in place with the capacity to solicit and award appraisal service contracts from among a total of nine appraisal firm vendors providing service in Northern Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the northeastern section of West Virginia. Depending on workload, Appraisal Section also has the capability of providing informal Rough Order of Magnitude estimates.

 Cadastral Section

Professional and Technical staff with experience using CADD And GIS to support a variety of geospatial functions in the real estate arena. Capabilities include preparation of required real estate maps and geospatial data; interpretation, review, and preparation of legal descriptions; and production of property location drawings and associated geospatial data. Additional capabilities consist of development of SOWs for property surveys and management of resulting contractual delivery orders; evaluation of real estate GIS requirements, and preparation of exhibits and drawings for RE reports and plans.

Sample projects performed by Cadastral Section include the following:

- Conversion of hardcopy RE Segment map to SDSFIE compliant geospatial data (e.g., ACSIM Army map conversion and records reconciliation project for NAB and NAE; Beltzville Lake; Raystown Lake)
- Negotiation, Award, and Management of mapping and surveying delivery orders (Hexagon Properties at Andrews AFB; Crossley Farm EPA site; Preservation of Natural Flood Storage Areas)
- Preparation of disposal mapping and related legal descriptions (Various BRAC Disposals)
- Development of GIS support tool for tracking acquisition status (Preservation of Natural Flood Storage Areas)
- Preparation of acquisition mapping and related legal descriptions (Greenbrook, NJ; Preservation of Natural Flood Storage Areas)

Installation Support Section

This team provides Real Estate support services to military customers including Army and Air Force installations, the Washington Headquarters Service, the US Army Reserve, and the National Guard Support include:  

  • Managing outgrants to include easements, licenses, permits, and leases·
  • Resolving encroachments
  • Acquiring Interests in Real Estate, either in fee, easement or by lease
  • Managing jurisdiction related issues
  • Disposal of excess Real Estate to include disposals mandated by BRAC or public law
  • Managing three of the Nation’s four shelters under the National Homeless Shelter Program (10USC2546)
  • Maintaining Real Estate Historical files for the Army and the Air Force

Enhanced Use Lease Program

The Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) Program within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division is managed by the Baltimore District, Real Estate Division.  Title 10, USC § 2667, provides the Military Departments of the Department of Defense the authority to lease available, non-excess real property to non-federal parties. These leases can be prudent asset management, but must be of direct benefit to the United States, promote the national defense and/or be in the public interest, and must be compatible with current and anticipated future military activities at the installation. Generally, the Army must use competitive procedures to select a lessee for any lease. The leases provide the exclusive right to possess and use specified real property for a specified period of time in exchange for fair market value consideration.  The Army has used this authority effectively since 2001.

Leasing Support Section

This team manages approximately 300 Armed Forces Recruiting centers within the District’s military boundaries.  Establishing new offices and maintaining existing locations to ensure our Armed Forces military officers have professional offices to conduct their business of enlistments into the armed services.   

The team also administers the Leased Government Housing Program, assuring decent, safe and sanitary housing is acquired for eligible military service members stationed in remote locations.

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Stan Graham
Chief, Real Estate Division

Craig Homesley
Acting Deputy Chief, Real Estate Division
Chief, Civil Project Support Branch

G. Dellphine Jackson
Chief, Military Projects Support Branch

Ronald Santos
Chief, Technical Services Branch

Lesley Logue
Acting Chief, IIES Branch

Mike Schaetzle
Chief, DoD National Relocation Program