West Virginia Overlook

The West Virginia Overlook provides a panoramic view of the dam, outlet works, and lake. This overlook is also home for the "Waffle Rock," a rare geologic structure that is a portion of the sandstone bedrock that was folded and fractured during the formation of the Appalachian Mountains over 300 million years ago. The waffle formation itself results from iron oxide that leached into the fractured sandstone filling the void between the grains of sand, cementing them together extra strongly. The resulting dark red sandstone along the joints was more resistant to erosion and weathering than the surrounding rock and stands as the grids of the waffle. The West Virginia Overlook is open year round, weather permitting.

Maryland Overlook

The Maryland Overlook has one of the most scenic views in Western Maryland. The overlook features a half-mile long Songbird trail complete with waterfall and pond. The Maryland Overlook is the trail head for the Senator Paul S. Sarbanes River Access Trail. The trail is a 1.75 mile linear trail that extends from the Maryland Overlook to the bank of the North Branch of the Potomac River. The trail meanders across open fields through deciduous woodlands and ends on the river’s edge. A spur off this trail is the Shoreline Access Trail. It is ½ mile trail from the Maryland Overlook parking area to the shores of Jennings Randolph Lake. The Maryland overlook is accessible from Maryland state route 135 by either Walnut Bottom Road or Chestnut Grove Road.