Pine Picnic Shelter

Pine Shelter sits atop a sunny, open hill with beautiful views of the lake valley. It is located within the larger Seven Points Recreation Area

  • Open year-round, no winter maintenance
  • Approximately 10 tables
  • 80 person capacity
  • Electrical outlets & lights
  • Double pedestal grill
  • Fireplace with grills
  • Water-borne Restroom (flush toilets)
  • Drinking water access
  • Playground
  • Volleyball posts (net available for check-out)
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Handicap accessible (restroom access limited)
  • Access to Seven Points amenities

Restroom: The restroom closest to Pine is approximately 75 yards from the shelter, below a steep hill, and can pose a challenge for visitors with mobility concerns.

Vehicle Access: Pine is separated from the parking area by a 50 foot walkway.  There is no direct vehicle access to the shelter.  Vehicles are not permitted to drive on the walkway.  Visitors should be prepared to transport supplies down this walkway without the aid of a vehicle.


From Rt. 26 southbound at Huntingdon. Continue on Rt. 26 south approximately 8 miles to the yellow blinking light. Turn left at the light towards Seven Points (marked by large sign). Continue over the ridges until you reach the Seven Points Recreation Area (3 miles). Upon entering Seven Points continue downhill towards the lake shore. The shelter is on the left, just past the Visitor Center. 

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