Volunteer Positions

Volunteers at Raystown are provided rewarding work experience, training and contacts to benefit their needs while supporting Raystown missions and projects.  Volunteers work alongside paid staff and other volunteers, and are considered critical members of the Raystown team.

 Opportunities exist for short and long term volunteer positions in most of our program areas, but may be dependent upon the year or season.  Agreements and work plans are developed on an individual basis to best meet the mutual goals of the volunteer and the Corps.  Those interested should contact Park Ranger Melissa Bean at melissa.j.bean@usace.army.mil or by phone at 814-658-6812.  Prospective volunteers will need to complete an application, participate in an interview, sign an agreement, and possibly participate in a background check (depending upon the position duties).

Group opportunities – Civic organizations, scout troops, school clubs and other groups are encouraged to volunteer at Raystown.  Please contact Melissa to arrange a volunteer event or project.

Park Hosts – One of the most popular volunteer positions within the Corps of Engineers are Park Hosts.  Park host agreements are set-up on a seasonal basis, generally lasting from May through September, require weekend and holiday work, and a commitment of 25-35 hours per week.  In the past Raystown hired volunteer park hosts who provided valuable visitor services in return for a free campsite.  For multiple reasons, Raystown is not currently seeking any park hosts.




Summer Employment

Raystown currently hosts a staff of 14 permanent-year round employees, 2 permanent-seasonal employees, and upwards of 18 temporary-seasonal (summer) employees.  Positions include managers and supervisors, administrative assistants, maintenance laborers, electricians, plumbers, plant operators, dam tenders, park rangers, biologists and foresters.

Positions are very competitive and rewarding.  As a result there is little turn-over for permanent and most seasonal positions.  However, when positions become available they are announced online at www.usajobs.gov .  Applicants are encouraged to become familiar with the website, check it often for announcements, and use the free tools provided like a resume builder, job search tools, application status tracking, and more!

Here are some Raystown specific tips when using usajobs:

-       Raystown is identified by the location of Hesston, PA.

-       In general, seasonal positions are announced annually around January/February.

-       Details about each position is included in the announcement, but generally seasonal park rangers work from May through September and seasonal maintenance employees work from April through September.

-       Enrolled college students can often apply through the “pathways” program for seasonal positions.  For details about this program, see usajobs.