About the Friends of Raystown Lake

The Friends of Raystown Lake is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 whose mission is to promote the responsible stewardship of the natural and recreational resources of the Raystown Lake Project through the support of members and constituents in sponsoring and developing programs in education, resource protection and enhancement, and recreational improvement.

Find out more at: http://www.friendsofraystownlake.com/

Friends Activities

 Lake Cleanup Day

“The Friends" is the proud coordinator of Lake Cleanup Day since 1988. Over 100 volunteers work together to cleanup remote sections of Raystown Shoreline, usually during early spring. An average of 2 trash dumpsters and 1 ton of recyclables is removed every year. For more information about Lake Cleanup Day and find out how you can get involved, contact Ranger Jacob at (814)658-6813.

 Allegrippis Trail System

"The Friends" received a lease from the Army Corps of Engineers to build and operate the 36 mile long Allegrippis Trail System.  These trails have received formal and informal acclaim for their design, sustainability, economic and other benefits.  The trails offer some of the best mountain biking opportunities on the east coast and are a mecca for enthusiasts from across the country- thanks to The Friends.  Learn more about The Allegrippis here.

 Raystown Conservation Education Partnership (RayCEP)

"The Friends" is a founding partner and primary sponsor of the Raystown Conservation Education Program. RayCEP is a unique collaborative effort of a diverse group of organizations, sharing resources to promote a common interest.  This community approach delivers meaningful outdoor education programs, free of charge, to nearly five thousand lake visitors annually.  You can learn more about RayCEP by contacting Ranger Alicia at 814.658.6812

 Navigation Lights
"The Friends" coordinates funding, placement and upkeep of over 30 solar-powered lights that are placed at strategic locations on the lake to help boaters navigate the lake at night.
 Fish Structure

“The Friends” helps fund supplies and provides volunteers in support of Raystown Lake’s artificial Fish Structure program. Every spring volunteers spend their weekends building and placing fish cribs, boxes and trees. For more information about Fish Structure or to volunteer contact Alicia at 814-658-6812.

 Natural Resources
“The Friends” is also heavily involved in Natural Resource Management; contributing to and assisting with the Gypsy Moth Program, the American Chestnut Program, upland game bird habitat enhancement, various wildlife plantings and many other natural resource related activities.
 And more!
“The Friends” takes an active role many other projects at Raystown Lake ranging from sponsoring interpretive programs such as the annual Critter Night to historic preservation.
 Putt's Camp

Putt’s Camp is remotely located, slightly north of lake marker number 26 on Raystown Lake. Putt’s Camp is a High Adventure primitive camping area that was formally operated by the Saxton Boy Scout Troop 471.

The Friends of Raystown Lake now operates Putt’s Camp in cooperation with Wayne Hammond (Troop 471 Ranger).


Awards & Accolades

The Friends are making a difference and others are taking notice!

  • 2011 – Huntingdon County Business & Industry Greenovation Award recognizes The Friends as supporting tourism and economic growth in the county through their support of recreation and natural resource opportunities at Raystown.
  • 2010 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Excellence in Partnerships Award, this national award recognizes the Friends above all other Corps partners for their outstanding contributions to the recreation and environmental stewardship programs at Raystown.
  • 2000 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District Partnership Award, recognizes the contributions of The Friends within the Baltimore District.
  • 2009 – Huntingdon County Community Improvement “Special Merit” Award, for the enhancement of quality of life and innovation in the area provided by the Allegrippis Trail System
  • 2009 – Allegrippis Trails are voted the best cross-country mountain bike trail in the country by Men’s Journal
  • The Friends have also been awarded numerous grants for projects ranging from Geocaching, to Hardwood Plantings, to outdoor education and everything in-between.


Over 500 memberships, 1000's of individuals, and counting…


  • Quarterly newsletter that keeps you in-the-know of what is going on at Raystown and how it impacts visitors, resources and management.
  • Become involved in decisions that affect Raystown
  • Network with other passionate visitors who play an active role at the lake
  • Show your support for Raystown and the recreation and natural resource opportunities it has to offer


  • Annual membership dues, starting at $10. Memberships can be purchased via PayPal! Visit www.friendsofraystownlake.com to join.
  • Although members are encourage to participate in a few volunteer events every year, the Friends is primarily a committee-based organization.  Members can be as active as they wish.
  • A passion to support Raystown Lake!

Membership Dues:

  • Membership dues are paid on an annual basis (unless recieving a lifetime membership)
  • Dues directly benefit Friends activities which are voted on by the board of directors and the general membership