Old Loggers Trail

The Old Logger's Trail (OLT) and surrounding land are managed to improve wildlife habitat specifically for Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock as well as other species.  Trekkers will see first hand how timber harvests and fire have allowed new plants to grow and change not only the landscape, but also the ecosystem.  A process known as succession.

Trailhead Location:  This trail has two trailheads: Seven Points and Susquehannock.
1) Seven Points Trailhead: From southbound Rt. 26 at Rt. 22 continue south 8 miles to the blinking light.  Turn left towards Seven Points (marked by sign).  Upon entering Seven Points continue approximately 0.5 mile.  Trailhead parking will be on the right (marked by sign).  The trail begins across the road at the gravel path.

2) Susquehannock Trailhead: As you turn left off Rt. 26 towards Seven Points, continue 2.7 miles.  Turn left onto Baker’s Hollow Rd. towards Susquehannock / Allegrippis Trailhead.  Continue approximately 1.5 miles.  The trailhead will be on the right (marked by sign).

Distance: 4.5 mile*

Type: loop trail

Rating: moderate

Terrain: sloping, moderate to rigorous inclines

Surface: dirt, some stairs

Ecosystem: forest, succession fields


  • Wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Lake views
  • Bridge
  • Fishing access

* This trail offers the Sheep Rock Spur which provides a panoramic view of the lake and adds an additional 0.5 mile to the hike.

Maps are available from the Visitor Center, Park Rangers, or by clicking the brochure above. Maps include information on trail features and a scavenger hunt for the kids!


Did you hear that?

A rigorous hike may have you asking yourself, am I imagining that noise or is it the blood pumping in my ears.  You’re not imagining it and other hikers are likely to hear it too.

The faint drumming of the Ruffed Grouse is a common occurrence along the OLT.  Male Grouse  will perch on top a fallen log and beat their wings to create a vacuum.  This creates the drumming noise.

Due to their excellent camouflage you’re more likely to hear the grouse before you see one.  Keep an eye to the ground as these birds only fly when startled. 



Trailhead Location: Seven Points

Trailhead Location - Susquehannock