Miscellaneous Documents

The project team developing the integrated feasibility study and Environmental Impact Statement will produce project-related documents throughout the course of the work. These documents will be posted here as the project progresses.


Date Published

Notice of Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Proposed Water Treatment Residuals Management Process, Washington Aqueduct, DC

January 12, 2004

Description of Proposed Action and Alternatives

May 2004

Engineering Feasibility Study

May 2004

Proposed Water Treatment Residuals Management Process Scope of Statement

August 2004

December 20, 2004 document required by paragraph 21 in the Federal Facility Compliance Agreement

December 2004

A list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers to those questions is available related to Washington Aqueduct, water treatment residuals, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the Environmental Impact Statement process for this project.

The various compliance documents that established a mandate for this project can be found in the Residuals Management Project tab.

Older referenced documents previously developed prior to the start of the current NEPA action are summarized in the following table.

 Document  Date Published
 Dalecarlia Treatment Plant and Georgetown Reservoir Residuals Collection and Treatment (35% Design). Volume 1Volume 2 and Volume 3 1996
Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant and Georgetown Reservoir Residuals Disposal Facilities - Residuals Disposal Study 1995

Draft NPDES Permit Review Memorandum on Residuals Solids Evaluations

Water Quality Studies in the Vicinity of Washington Aqueduct October 2001
Impacts of Sedimentation Basin Discharges from the Dalecarlia and Georgetown Reservoirs on the Potomac River February 1993