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Baltimore District Project Fact Sheets

Welcome to the Baltimore District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Project Portal with access to our civil works, environmental, military and operations and maintenance project information factsheets. Our fact sheets provide an overview of the projects and their relationship to the USACE Goals supporting the Armed Forces and the Nation.

We pride ourselves on being ready, responsive and reliable during times of national and natural contingency operations both at home and abroad. It is our goal to deliver enduring and essential water resource solutions through collaboration with partners and stakeholders that are holistic and sustainable. We strive to use innovative tools to efficiently and effectively provide resilient and sustainable solutions. Our workforce is competent, disciplined, resilient and is equipped to deliver high quality engineering solutions.

Our projects are organized by state and congressional districts, and are updated annually following approval of the President's budget which usually occurs in early February. We hope you find this information helpful. If you have government affairs questions or require project capability information, please call (410) 962-4567. If you have project specific questions, contact the individual project managers (available on the project's fact sheet).

Note: The capability estimate for each study or project is the Army Corps of Engineers estimate for the most that it could obligate efficiently during the fiscal year for that study or project. However, each capability estimate is made without reference to the availability of manpower, equipment, and other resources across the Army Civil Works program, so the sum of the capability estimates exceeds the amount that the Corps actually could obligate in a single fiscal year. The Budget allocates funding among studies and projects on a performance basis in a manner that will enable the Corps to use that funding effectively. Furthermore, the overall funding level proposed in the Budget for the Army Civil Works program reflects the Administration's assessment of national priorities in view of the range of potential private and public uses of funds. Consequently, while the Corps could obligate additional funds for some studies and projects, offsetting reductions within the Army Civil Works program would be required to maintain overall budgetary objectives.

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