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General Purpose Warehouse

General Purpose Warehouse (Photo by USACE Courtesy Photo)

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Background:  Located in New Cumberland, Pa, the Defense  Distribution Center Susquehanna, PA  covers approximately 850 acres. The missions of this Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) managed installation include the distribution of military and commercial repair parts, clothing and textiles, medical supplies and industrial and electronic components to military customers throughout the United States and the world.  A total of 3,600 personnel are employed/stationed at the installation with the vast majority being civilians.  Co-located or tenant activities on the installation include the US Army Security Assistance Command.

For nearly 80 years, material to support U.S. military forces has moved through this installation that was established in 1918 as the Marsh Run Storage Depot. DLA Distribution Center was established October 1, 1997, through the consolidation of the Defense Distribution Region East and the Defense Distribution Region West.

Names and phone numbers for significant installation point of contact are as follows:

Congressional Rep (R-4th) Scott Perry  
DLA Distribution Commander  BG Susan A. Davidson (717) 770-7401
DLA Distribution Susquehanna, PA Commander COL Corey New (717) 770-7421
Corps Installation Project Manager Alexandra Crawford (410) 962-2024
Corps Area Engineer Dawn Conniff (717) 770-7312

Current Workload: FY 14 and Prior years ($163.76M)


Ongoing Design

Ongoing Construction

Military Construction (MILCON):



Defense Distribution Headquarters


General Purpose Warehouse



Upgrade Access Control Points Posts



 Upgrade Access Control Points Post #1  $2.2M  

Upgrade Public Safety Building



Replace Reservoir



Replace Sewage Treatment Plant



Replace Communications Building


 Upgrade Hazardous Materials Warehouse $3.1M  

Energy Conservation Improvement Program (ECIP):



Solar Walls Building 732



Solar Walls Building 760



Future Workload:

FY 15

FY 16




For more information regarding Baltimore District support to the Defense Distribution Center, Susquehanna, PA contact Alexandra Crawford, CENAB-PP-M, (410) 962-2024 or e-mail Alexandra.m.crawford@usace.army.mil