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Aerial view of project site

Aerial view of project site (Photo by USACE Courtesy Photo)

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Map of Ocean City Harbor and Inlet

Map of Ocean City Harbor and Inlet (Photo by USACE Courtesy Photo)

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AUTHORIZATION: Continuing Authorities Program, Section 107 of the River and Harbor Act of 1960, as amended.

TYPE OF PROJECT: Shallow Draft Navigation


PROJECT PHASE: Design & Implementation

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Senators Mikulski and Cardin (MD); Congressman Harris (MD-01) 

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Town of Ocean City, Maryland.

BACKGROUND: The Ocean City Harbor and Inlet are located between two barrier islands, Fenwick and Assateague and within Isle of Wight and Sinepuxent Bay in Worcester County, Maryland.

The Ocean City Inlet was created by a hurricane in the 1930s. Shortly thereafter, the inlet was stabilized and the harbor was dredged. Since their creation, the harbor and inlet continue to be dredged to the federally authorized dimensions of 10 feet deep and 200 feet wide. The harbor and inlet are inadequate to accommodate the eight local commercial vessels that draw up to 13 feet under full load. Shoals will continue to form in established areas in the channel and increase the operating costs of commercial watermen using the system. The effect the channel shoaling process has on boating operations is to gradually increase damages, maintenance costs, tide-waiting delays and fuel costs as controlling depths in the channel become shallower in the years following the maintenance dredging.

This project was investigated as part of the Ocean City Water Resources Feasibility Study initiated in July 1995. The recommended project consists of dredging Ocean City Harbor to a depth of 14 feet and dredging the inlet to a depth of 16 feet. As part of the long-term management plan for Assateague Island, some of the sediment dredged from the inlet may be placed in the surf zone off of Assateague Island. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has requested placement alternatives from the sponsor for the 88,000 yd3 of material to be dredged from the Harbor.  The project has been inactive since FY04 due to nation-wide funding shortfalls in the Section 107 program and more recently due to the lack of non-Federal sponsor funds.

STATUS:  The project is currently on hold due to funding constraints.



  FEAS Design & Implementation
Total Estimated Cost $0 $2,546,400
Federal Cost Estimate $0 $2,291,800
Non-Federal Cost Estimate $0 $254,600
Federal Funds Data    
Allocation thru FY 2012 $0 $391,800
Allocation for FY 2013 $0 $0
President Budget FY 20141 $0 $0
Allocation for FY 20142 $0 $0
Balance to Complete $0 $1,900,000



1 The President typically sends the budget to Congress in February each year.  Upon release, budget amounts for the USACE Civil Works programs and specified projects are posted online at the HQUSACE website in a Program Budget Press Book at http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/Budget.aspx.

2 The final FY 2014 allocation of funds to projects will be available upon enactment of Energy and Water appropriations or the public release of an approved FY14 work plan given continuing authority for the full year.       


FY 2013 Completed Schedule: None. 

FY 2014 Scheduled Work: None. 

COMPLETION: To be determined.

For more information regarding Ocean City Harbor & Inlet Section 107 project, contact Mr. Anthony A. Clark, CENAB-PL-P, (410) 962-3413, or e-mail anthony.a.clark@usace.army.mil.